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The research group is specialised on comparative analyses of imprinted genes in different mammalian species. Especially in the Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome region and in the imprinted Dlk1-Gtl2 region on mouse chromosome 12 new imprinted genes have been identified and their allele-specific and tissue-specific expression patterns have been investigated. Especially the imprinted domain on chromosome 12 is characterised by numerous, maternally expressed snoRNAs and miRNAs that show prominent expression in the brain.
Comparing the DNA sequences of orthologous regions in human and mouse has resulted in the identification of potential regulatory elements that might interact with major imprinting centres and imprinted promoters in their neighbourhood.
In addition, imprinted regions and epigenetic regulatory elements have been investigated in a genome-wide style. These studies have highlighted common sequence features of imprinted genes, such as intronic CpG islands and complex patterns of tandem repeats.


- Work with "exotic" mouse strains - Allele-specific expresssion analyses - Computational investigations on DNA sequences


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Dr. Martina Paulsen
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