Chromatindynamik und Genomregulation

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The team studies a variety of regulatory principles in chromatin biology, predominantly using the Drosophila model. We blend methodology ranging from hard-core biochemistry, to advanced microscopy and (reverse) genetics to come to an in-depth understanding of structres and mechanisms.
One strong focus is on the functioning of ATP-dependent chromatin remodelling machines, including mechanistic, physiological and developmentl aspects.
A second focus centres on subtle. yet vital mechanism of transcriptional fine tuning through chromatin structure modulation, using the Drosophila dosage compensation system as a model. We are interested in the roles of long, regulatory RNA molecules in this process.


In vitro reconstitution of nucleosomes and chromatin fibres. Nucleosome remodelling assays. Global mapping of chromosome interactors by Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)..


see pubmed entries: Becker-PB


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