Funktionelle Charakterisierung der DNA-Methylierung in Drosophila.

Dnmt2 enzymes represents a central paradigm for understanding the biological function of cytosine methylation, a nucleic acids modification that has been associated with numerous human diseases. We will focus on the characterization of Dnmt2 in Drosophila, because this model system has proven to be highly suitable for a combined molecular, biochemical and genetic approach. Our previous work has shown that Dnmt2 is a bi-functional enzyme mediating both DNA and tRNA methylation. Our findings also allowed us to establish first concepts regarding the biological function of this enzyme. These concepts now need to be developed further by (1) characterizing the enzymatic activity of Drosophila Dnmt2 in correlation with its sub-cellular localization, (2) biochemically identifying proteins and nucleic acids interacting with Dnmt2, and (3) characterizing Dnmt2 mutant phenotypes. Elucidating the function of Dnmt2 will be instrumental to understanding the evolutionary origins and the biological role of cytosine methylation in DNA and RNA.
Keywords: Methylation, Drosophila, Dnmt2
Involved in the project: Dr. Matthias Schäfer
, Heidelberg


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